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Understanding Game Localization

What is game localization?

Why is game localization important?

The role of a game localizer

Getting Started in Game Localization

Key takeaway: To break into the game localization industry, one must understand the basics of game localization, gain experience, build a portfolio, network with professionals, and continuously update their skills and knowledge. Additionally, job seekers should tailor their resume and cover letter, and stay informed about job opportunities and industry trends. With determination and dedication, anyone can build a successful career in game localization.

Educational requirements

Gaining experience

Building a portfolio

Networking and professional organizations

Game localization tools and software

Finding Job Opportunities in Game Localization

Job search resources

Freelance opportunities

Applying for internships

Expanding your skillset

Tailoring your resume and cover letter

Navigating the Game Localization Industry

Understanding the game development process

Collaborating with other professionals

Cultural considerations

Dealing with tight deadlines

Adapting to changes in the industry

Continuing education and professional development

Recap of key points

Future prospects for game localization professionals

Final tips and advice


GICG#029: How can I get a job as a video game translator or localizer?

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